Para Equestrian Profiling 

 Fee : £40


Juliet Morley:

Juliet is a  fully qualified, registered  Physiotherapist and National Classifier/Profiler for para equestrian events. The clinic in Uckfield, Sussex, has full disabled access and classifications take place in a large, private, warm, well equipped room.

Purpose of Classification:

Classification of impairments helps to ensure fair competition. All riders must be classified in order to compete in equestrian events and will compete in the grade appropriate to their Classification. However, riders may ride in a higher grade if they wish and qualify in that grade.

Who Needs to be Classified?

All riders who intend to compete in qualifying tests for National or International Championships need to be classified  by a registered Classifier/Profiler. Before classification, all riders must hold a certificate from a medical practitioner which states their full medical diagnosis.

Who is eligible to be Classified?

In order to be eligible, riders need to be medically diagnosed as having a permanent impairment that can be measured objectively.  Examples that lead to permanent impairment are: amputation, paresis, partial to full joint ankylosis, upper motor neurone lesions, loss of sight or intellectual disability. 

Some people may be quite disabled, but are unclassifiable.  Some findings without other eligibility criteria listed above are not considered a permanent physical disability. Examples are :  minor soft tissue contracture, ligamentos instability, odema, disuse atrophy, fatigue such as in fibromyalgia or ME or symptoms such as pain or numbness.

Some medical conditions are changeable, such as Multiple Sclerosis and may need to be re-classified periodically. 

Classification is neither comprehensive nor all-encompassing. It is not inclusive or exclusive. Therefore, there is no legal liability to classify. To say that someone is not eligible or not classifiable, is not to say that they are not disabled.

Arranging Classification.

It is advised that the classification process should be started at least three months in advance of the closing date for competitions.

Prior to the appointment, the rider will be sent a copy of a Certificate of diagnosis which needs to be completed by a medical practitioner and brought to the appointment.

Riders with a visual impairment will need to be a member of British Blind Sport and be classified by an Ophthalmologist. 

What to expect at the Classification Testing 

Please bring the following with  you Classification  appointment:

Medical Diagnosis Certificate - completed.

Two  recent passport sized, head shot photographs of yourself. 

The rider may bring one other person to the appointment if required, this person will act as the rider's representative but will be asked not to speak during the classification process unless they are asked by the classifier.

The rider may be required to remove outer garments of clothing for some of the tests. Testing procedures should not cause the rider pain or distress. If the rider is unable to continue with the testing due to pain or discomfort, the rider will be advised that an incomplete testing session, will result in a Grade V classification.

At the Classification, the Rider will be given a consent form to sign. 

Following the profiling session, the completed cards are sent to the National Profiling Co-ordinator and the grade will be verified.  Riders will not be told of the result at the appointment. The classification will be formally sent to to the rider's home address. 


There is a charge for  classification. At JM Physio we charge £40 per classification. If it is required that the Classifier needs to assess at another site, expenses may be incurred.

Protest on Rider's classification.

A protest of the classification process or grade should be sent in writing to the Chairman of the Dressage Committee at RDA National Office.  The protest will be reviewed by the panel and their decision will be final and cannot be reconsidered for two years, unless the rider has a progressive condition.


Please call Juliet Morley for further information and for appointment availability.


 07917 028 370


Non Members Welcome.